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The students of the course “Medienpraxis bilingual”, class 9 designed their own CD covers. The students created their own front- and backside, put their favourite music on it and gave their CDs an English title. To make it more personal, they had to integrate a picture of themselves.
After experimenting with their self-portraits, they put their own ideas together and edited the cover with the English version of the programme Adobe Photoshop.
In the end they presented their personal CDs and discussed them in class. They spent much time on the task, worked hard and disciplined and - as you can see here - the results look very professional.

Dominic Ubl 9.2
Marius Franke 9.2



We are all the same

Posters for the International Anti-Racism Day on March 21st 2011

Racism is wrong and should not be tolerated any longer!
It is wrong because foreigners are also humans and they should have exactly the same rights and conditions and should be able to live like everyone else.


Our task was to design a poster for March 21st, the "International Anti-Racism Day". First we did some research in the internet and talked about prejudices. Then we had to create a poster in black and white against racism and think of our own slogan.

Text by Saskia & Merve (class 9.4)





Medienpraxis: Deutsch-englisches Kochbuch

Der bilinguale Kurs Medienpraxis des 9. Jahrganges hat seine Lieblingsrezepte auf Deutsch und Englisch zusammengestellt. Für die mediale Umsetzung zeichnet Ralf Brambring (Klasse 9.3) verantwortlich, für den Inhalt Frau Behr-Heyder. Guten Appetit!

"Dear Cook,

this collection was made by students of the Europaschule Köln. We want to offer you our favourites, the dishes we like best. If you aren’t a great cook, this is not a problem, our recipes are for all kinds of cooks, amateurs or experienced cooks.

Here you will find links to the different kinds of recipes either in German or in English.
If you need to impress your boss or your girlfriend with a good dinner followed by a tasty dessert, make your choice, but if you also need fast food for lunch or even an extraordinary dinner for all the family, you will also find it here.




Please click the flag for our English recipies





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